Specialty Double Coated Tapes

Our Specialty Double Coated Tapes are widely used for various lamination, joining, mounting, fixing, membrane switch and attachment applications in automotive, construction, display, electronics, industrial, medical, sign and graphics, and solar industries.

Carrier Backing Material

  • PET, UPVC, PE, Paper, Tissue
  • Thicknesses ranging from 0.15mil to 5.0mil
  • Optically Clear (OCA) with Light Through Rate of 90%+
  • Opaque white carrier for “white out” applications
  • Opaque black carrier for “light block out” applications

Proprietary Adhesive Formulation

  • Acrylic, Rubber, Silicone
  • Proprietary formulation designed for LSE substrates
  • Proprietary formulation designed for silicone rubber and other silicone coated surfaces
  • ESD static dissipative treatment
  • Optically Clear (OCA) with Light Through Rate of 90%+
  • Clear removal even after exposure to high temperatures and humidity

Other “Application Specific” Features

  • Silicone/Acrylic “differential” formulation
  • Silicone/Silicone formulation
  • Permanent/Removable “differential” formulation
  • Extremely high bonding strength for specialty LSE mounting/bonding applications
  • Extremely thin (0.5mil total thickness) tapes for specialty lamination applications