Polyimide Kapton® Tapes

Polyimide Kapton® Tapes are used in a variety of high temperature and extreme vibration applications across many industries.  From high temperature masking applications in aerospace, automotive, electronic, metal fabrication, and photovoltaic solar cells, to electrical insulation applications in fiber optics cabling, insulation tubing and various industrial and medical applications, application designers rely on Polyimide Kapton® Tapes because of its ability to maintain its physical, mechanical and electrical properties under the most extreme and demanding environments.

Our full line of Polyimide Kapton® Tapes include:

  • Thicknesses ranging from 0.5mil to 5.0mil (film backing)
  • Both Dupont Kapton® and high quality non-Dupont Polyimide films
  • Proprietary formulations of silicone and acrylic adhesives
  • Wide range of adhesive peel strength from low, medium to high tack
  • Single or double sided constructions
  • ESD static dissipative
  • Versions that come on release liners for easy converting and die-cutting
  • Clean removal after exposure to temperature as high as 260°C (500°F)