Adhesive Systems

By designing and modifying various adhesive systems to meet the exact needs of your application, our pressure sensitive adhesives and tapes will improve your business by solving design problems and automating production processes.


Silicone – An extraordinarily versatile adhesive system, silicone adhesives can be designed to bond with enormous power or exceptional lightness, with permanent or temporary adhesion.  Its high temperature resistance, strong chemical resistance, and adhesion stability make it the preferred pressure sensitive adhesive in various composite fibers, displays, electronics, high temperature masking, light management, multi-layer lamination, sealing, and splicing applications.


Acrylic – The most widely used adhesive system, acrylic adhesives are the most “forgiving” in bonding to a wide variety of the substrates and surfaces, ranging from high energy surfaces such as glass, reflective aluminum, polyester, to low energy surfaces such as stone, textured metal, and plastics.  Adhesion builds gradually after initial application, then stabilizes over the long term.  Formulations can be designed and modified to improve high temperature resistance, shear strength and UV resistance.


Rubber – With very high initial tack, rubber adhesives are used for applications that require “quick stick”.  Adhesion builds somewhat after initial application, but levels off over time.  Formulations can be modified to suit the particular needs of the application.