We offer slitting optimal material utilization, precision accuracy, and repeatability for every type of slitting job imaginable. We have the capabilities to slit and rewind materials to a variety of core sizes at custom widths and lengths.

Slitting capabilities include:

  • Precision Slitting – cutting larger rolls of material into narrower rolls at precise widths and lengths
  • Lathe Slitting – taking a log of pressure sensitive material and spinning it at high speed on a stationary mandrel while a circular blade cuts the material to specified width.
  • Razor Slitting – rewind slitting by pulling the material through stationary razor blades, making clean precise cuts.
  • Score Slitting – rewind slitting by pulling the material through a set of circular knives that are pressed against a steel cylinder or mandrel.
  • Shear Slitting – rewind slitting that utilizes two rotary knives to produce the same cutting effect as a pair of scissors.