Die Cutting

Die Cutting

We have a broad range of die cutting capabilities can be optimized to best suit your application and production volume, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings.

Die Cutting capabilities include:

  • Stamping Die Cutting – shapes are stamped out of material utilizing steel rule dies that are adjusted according to varying degrees of hydraulic or mechanical presses.
  • Rotary Die Cutting – material is fed through the rotary press where a cylindrical die cuts out shapes and parts at very high precision and tight tolerance.
  • Kiss Cutting – laminated material is die cut to the liner without cutting through the liner, leaving the die cut part affixed to the liner.
  • Perforation Die Cutting – this process does not fully trim the material away from the original shape, but instead creates a perforated area that remains in place until it is ready to be detached.
  • Extended Liners – materials with top and bottom liners are cut so that a portion of the bottom liner extends beyond the edge of the adhesive, resulting in parts that can be easily picked and placed.
  • Sheeting – materials with two liners are cut into sheets at specified width and length.