Polyester (PET) Film Tapes

Polyester (PET) Film Tapes (for High Temperature Masking, Electrical Insulation and Splicing) are made with a strong polyester (PET) backing, and coated with proprietary silicone or acrylic adhesive. The silicone adhesive enables it to withstand high temperature up to 204°C / 400°F) in masking and flash breaker applications, and adhere to silicone treated surfaces in splicing applications. The acrylic adhesive allows it to be used in applications where “unintentional silicone migration” is a concerned, especially in some aerospace, automotive and electronic applications.

Our full line of Polyester (PET) Tapes feature:

  • Thicknesses ranging from 1.0mil to 5.0mil (film backing)
  • Various colors (black, blue, clear, green, red, yellow, etc.)
  • Proprietary formulations of silicone and acrylic adhesives
  • Single or double sided constructions
  • ESD static dissipative
  • Versions that come on release liners for easy converting and die-cutting
  • Clean removal after exposure to temperature as high as 204°C (400°F)
  • Customized release (back) coating for specialty prepreg fiber and solar applications